Expert Services and Maintenance



Falasca Mechanical Services provides our clients with a comprehensive mechanical solution for all of their heating, cooling, ventilation, refrigeration and plumbing needs. We provide around the clock emergency service for our clients for those times that emergency situations may occur.

Originally our service department was formed to support our construction department. Recently, Falasca Mechanical Services has expanded our services to provide our clients with full mechanical service for years to come. Our clients rely on us to maintain their equipment and keep it operating in optimal shape. This allows their equipment to operate at peak efficiency and extend the life of the system.

Our service technicians are US STAR Certified through the United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters ( In addition, all of our technicians are trained and certified on multiple manufacturer VRF (variable refrigeration flow) multi-unit split systems. Falasca Mechanical is the leader in VRF system installations in the Philadelphia/Southern NJ market. We pride ourselves on being the best trained service company in the area.

Does your system need service?

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